For great looking hedges

We have a wide range of tools and access equipment to tackle all shapes and sizes of hedges. We can offer routine trimming services ensuring that the hedges in your garden or work place look fantastic throughout the year.

Reducing overgrown hedges

We can also tackle overgrown hedges that need to be heavily reduced in size in order to make them easier to manage in the future. Dependant on the types of trees and shrubs that you have making up your hedge we can recommend the best course of action to ensure that you get the result that you want.

Clearance to support hedge growth

This may require removal of the existing trees or shrubs, clearance of the ground and the re-establishment of a new hedge that will meet your requirements, or simply giving the hedge a well needed prune.


 Hedge management 

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If you have a question about hedge management or any of our other services, call Rob Lee on 01275 393047.

See also: pollarding / crown thinning / felling & dismantling / tree planting / stump grinding.

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